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Message from the Principal

Hello Winger Families and Community!

From the moment I walked through the doors of Winger Public School, I knew this was an amazing place. It was between classes and there was hustle and bustle in the hallways with everyone moving with great purpose.  Students were chatting and laughing while some staff had gathered at the office to talk with the secretary. I was welcomed right away, not only by the staff, but also by several students who stopped to introduce themselves and asked if I was Mrs. Tye.

I came to realize that the “Wolverine Spirit” is alive and well at our school. The students take great pride in being from the Winger community and being part of Winger School. The staff work tirelessly to provide a quality education while tapping into student interests and abilities. They are also dedicated to providing enriching activities outside the classroom through sports, clubs, choirs and special events.

The support of the parents and the School Council are fundamental to the success of Winger Public School. Our parents are involved in their children’s education by assisting students with their daily studies and doing regular reading at home. Our motivated School Council spearheads a number of fundraisers throughout the year in order to provide enriching activities for our students.

Our goal as a school is to develop the foundation skills in our students that they need to be successful in school and their life. We strive to address their physical, social and emotional needs on a daily basis and inspire them to take risks and discover their potential.

Mrs. Tye

“Together may we give our children the roots to grow and the wings to fly.”